The Physical Methods in Interdisciplinary Research and the Atomic and Molecular Physics Programs of the Doctoral School of Physics of the University of Debrecen organize a Winter School on Complexity from quantum systems to emergent behavior.

Lectures of experts are going to give an introduction to the field of complexity and provide an overview of the most exciting current advancements from quantum systems to the emergent behaviour on the meso and macro scales.

Main subject areas

The school is recommended to MSc and PhD students, furthermore, to researchers who are intended to join this prosperous research field. One day of the school is devoted to a workshop where students are expected to present their own research projects in short talks of duration 15 minutes.

We ask the participants to register to the course Complexity from quantum systems to emergent behavior in the Moodle system of the Physics Instute of the University of Debrecen. Further communications is organized through the mailing list of the moodle course.

Deadline of registration and submittion of the title of short talks: 30 November 2012